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Seductive animals


Linda Fornara Bertona

Seductive animals

The Eden jewelry collection by DAMIANI features the snake, which has always seduced man’s imagination and unleashes an evocative force. Rings, earrings and bracelets live once more in new variations distinguished by a modern design. The collection is in two versions: one combines black ceramic with pink gold, and the other unites the various colors of white, burnished and pink gold with matching diamonds.
The animal theme, solitary and mysterious, inspires the African Queen's collection by LICIA MATTIOLI. Small creatures become the spirit of seductive jewelry. The snake-ring and octopus-ring give elegance and glamour.
Golden Cage by SALVINI is the new collection that recalls the craftsmanship of the company's master goldsmiths.
Enchanting jewellery inspired by a golden cage, holding within it an intriguing brilliance. A collection in which the Italian tradition of fine craftsmanship blends with contemporary trends. Golden Cage rewrites traditional hearts, butterflies and crosses.
Fresh and youthful ROSATO collection by BROS MANIFATTURE is a line of gold and silver jewelry. Anime, in particular, is the emblematic name of light jewelery expression of uniqueness. Dreams are representations of the historical icons: a desire. Positive energy for a total look to wear with elegance. New nice collection is My Beauty too.
Marrakech celebrates 15 years. In autumn the MARCO BICEGO's collection will be available with more diamonds in a new concept from degradé carats and new closures.