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Passionate pictures

Photo by Giorgio Lotti - Copyright

Linda Fornara Bertona

Passionate pictures

Internationally renowned photographer Giorgio Lotti is exhibiting some of his works (until March 2024) at the offices of Safe Capital Management in Lugano's Via Balestra. Lotti, a native of Varese, known to the Ticino and Italian public for his collaborations with Epoca and Panorama newspapers and for the various awards he has received (among them The World Understanding Award from the University of Photojournalism Columbia in New York), has met kings, heads of state, great entrepreneurs and politicians during his long years of career. During a trip to China, he took the official portrait of Former Prime Minister of the State Council of the People's Republic of China Zhou en Lai, the most widely printed photo in the world for over one hundred million copies.
On King Umberto of Savoy he confides that the meeting in Portugal on the vast, golden beaches of Cascais a few kilometers from Lisbon was not at all easy: "I remember that at first he did not want to meet us. We were under the Christmas holidays, he had commitments. But then he reconsidered, called us at the hotel and invited us to join him at Villa Italia. I started photographing him at his desk until all of a sudden he said he needed to go for a walk. I asked if I could accompany him.  It was a discovery because the fishermen went over to greet him. I noticed that the King, now almost alone in front of the ocean, was raising a leg to pass over the line with which a boat was moored. I was very struck by that image; it told of his straddling two lives. He was a lonely man and being forced to stay away from Italy gave him great pain", Lotti tells us.
The exhibition is curated by Meta.project, a Lugano-based startup active in the creation and sale of physical, digital and NFT artworks as well as consulting to museums, galleries, foundations and artists for their introduction into the world of Web 3 and virtual galleries.
Looking closely at the exposed shots of sports, film and entertainment personalities, artists such as Andy Warhol, entrepreneurs such as Enzo Ferrari and Agnelli, politicians such as Arafat, the Dalai Lama gives us an adrenaline rush. It is not the undisputed mastery of the photo, it is more: passion for one's work and life that the artist always and unhesitatingly grasps to pass on to others. copyright fornara@deluxu.it