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Not just science, listening first

Dominika Eisenberg

Linda Fornara Bertona

Not just science, listening first

Every day the skin is challenged by external factors that we all know, some more and some less. Stress, pollution, UV rays but also blue light from PC and tablet screens. Renowned worldwide for its anti-aging research, the frances EISENBERG brand has selected antioxidant-rich ingredients and launched “La Protection Idéale” an innovative formula to prevent premature skin aging. The Monte Carlo-based cosmetic maison presses on scientific research to make its formulas increasingly effective. Among the development secrets of the brand, which does not resort to the market or private equity to finance itself, however, is also a remarkable focus on what they call the Beauty Family, a veritable community of loyal buyers of the brand's products. “Our goal is not to follow trends but to listen to the real needs of people in the EISENBERG community and to understand environmental changes, which are essential factors for our skin,” Dominika Eisenberg Product & Training Manager explains.
What do customers demand from luxury brands?
 Reliable products with clear benefits. As a family-owned brand, EISENBERG is proud to be able to respond to the needs of our “friends” and meet their needs. We strongly believe in the importance of being part of something truly beautiful, like our beauty family.
What are the ingredients for an elixir against the passage of time?
Formula Trio-Moléculaire® is rich in Criollo Porcelana Cacao Peptides (Theobroma Seed Extract Cacao Seed Extract) a miracle ingredient for environmental defense. Moringa seed extract is a natural cleanser with a detox effect. Shea butter to restructure, plant ceramides to restore intercellular functions, Aloe Vera, moisturizing Macadamia nuts high in unsaturated fatty acids to fight wrinkles.
Why a specific “city” protection line?
La Protection Idéale was born precisely out of the importance of taking care of our skin even with respect to the blue lights emitted by our devices. Already our eyes, after a long day at the office, become tired and reddened: imagine the amount of aggressions that the skin has to face during the day, between pollution, dryness and lack of clean air. Our new product is a real brightening booster to keep skin hydrate.
If the face is always the focus of our attention, the same is not true for the neck, décolleté and breast areas. Have clients become more attentive to specific areas of the body?
This is one of our commitments. We, as Eisenberg, are responsible not only for ensuring effective and safe products but also for making our entire community more sensitive and informed about the needs of their skin. The neck, décolleté area and hands are precisely the most sensitive areas, where we really see the effect of the passage of time. Soin Cou, Décolleté et Poitrine is one of our most iconic products, with visible results and rapid absorption. For the maison, it is essential to keep the sensory experience high through soft and pleasant textures.
Eisenberg has created an advanced formula designed to strengthen, tone and pamper a little. Women always need attention...
As I said: sensory experience. The silky, non-greasy texture blends gently into the skin and is absorbed instantly, giving deep hydration and regeneration. A pleasant sensual and enveloping scent evokes a spa experience