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Author silks on élite shoes

Famiglia Mantero, a destra Franco Mantero, ceo

Author silks on élite shoes

Two nice stories meet one another. Linked by the Made in Italy and the challenge of the global market. We are talking about  Mantero's historical silk fabric and Paola d'Arcano's shoe collection. On the Como lake the shoe collection Mantero meets Paola D’Arcano has started.
An array of colours and styles, from ballerina to sculptured heel sandal: shoes in bright tones and particular constructions. Leather, interwoven rafia, minipois prints, brocade texture.
Mantero palace, is a fabulous building headquarter of the brand,470 employees, 70 million euro turn over opens its doors. At first we visit the archives, where we breathe the silk and foulards history, such masterpieces that have embraced the most sophisticated women around the world. We are in the biggest  worldwide Archive : 10.000 volumes of styles. Then we tour around the Fabric where all machinery works for the luxury brands. “To be productive means to be able to distinguish ourselves" says Franco Mantero, ceo of Mantero Company. 
Do you prefer traditional or digital print?
Tradition print will be for ever, it is requested by all luxury brands. Digital print delivers faster.
Which are your Clients?
kenzo, Ines La Fressange, Vivienne Westwood, Iceberg,  Paul and Joe e Cristian Lacroix and others. We have clients who require all designs, others only the prints.
Mantero meets Paola d'Arcano is a challenge towards foreign producers?
China has not invested in creativity. Our goal is to focus on tools and people offering tradition and, at the same time, modernity. We must be reactive. With Paola d'Arcano I want to create a high quality product combining our know-how. For 2015 spring-summer collection the silk and precious fabric are the uppers of shoes made in Parabiago, a shoe district based in Lombardia area.
Which are Mantero's objectives?
We want to reinforce the European Market, we aim at increasing in Germany, in France, but without differentiating our original activity.
What would you suggest to the Italian companies which relocate abroad?
It is the history of the brand, its industrial tradition which creates the brand image and awareness steadily.

Written by Linda Fornara Bertona
Translated by Patricia Brownie

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