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The lux of simple things

Filz, Milano

Camilla Rocca

The lux of simple things

Sometimes luxury is in small things: in the ability to eat a quality skewer and not be looked bad if you do not order a whole menu, on the possibility of a light drink with friends, just that evening that you do not want to eat. And Filz in Largo Crocetta at 2 in Milan is the ideal place for all this: New York style with the large red counter, the mahogany upholstered stools. From the walls of marble a look that has lived throughout the twentieth century of this small room in Porta Romana, played down by an ironic powder wall with amaranth polka dots signed by Le Corbusier. There are 15 very creative spit-shaped proposals flanked by an authors drink list of barman Daniel Castiglia. The funniest? Among the cocktails are the Diablit, the Aperitif of Dr. Cast, the aromatic Viola and the Masala +. For spit-lovers, spicy pancetta, shimeji mushrooms, honey, paprika are unmissable; salmon sesame and spring onion with herb butter or Teriyaki, or Aioli with Shiso and Panicle with salted butter and paprika. There are also 7 proposals for those who love them: the best are those with broccoli, Gochujang; with pork belly Bao or with eel and Teriyaki sauce. The idea comes from a return to the origins of the three members, after years spent abroad in Asia and Africa. And it is precisely Asia, with its streetfood, to suggest the shape; Italy is a solid tradition for raw materials, the rest of the world offers a myriad of ideas to develop the skewers of Filz. The philosophy of metropolitan drinking is the setting for every spit.