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Between sea, SPA and art cities

Photo by Terme della Versilia - Copyright

Linda Fornara Bertona

Between sea, SPA and art cities

Staying in Versilia, enjoying the beneficial effect of salsobromoiodic water surrounded by the peace of a park is luxury. Villa Undulna Terme della Versilia in Cinquale di Montignoso (MS) near Forte dei Marmi is a charming hotel. Revitalize body and mind in the quiet of 30,000 sq. m park and through the unique atmosphere of a dual swimming pools.
Terme della Versilia is the only SPA located by the sea along the Tuscan coast. It is available not only for hotel clients but for external guests too.
Here you know a true SPA. "The water springs forth at our vicinity abundunt in bromine, sodium, and ten times richer in iodine than sea water, leading to it being classified as bromo-iodic salt water. Pure and bacteria-free, it has countless therapeutic properties which benefit the body. Iodine stimulates the metabolism, bromine has sedative effects and sodium eliminates excess fluids", company explanes. "Together, these individual assests create an incredible cocktail of natural elements with a plethora of uses: relaxing muscles, soothing tension, fighting cellulite and inflamation of the joints, aiding in the slimming process and increasing vitality".
Peat is of the highest quality originating from Lake Massaciuccoli, it has undergone a thousand year metamorphosis from the vegetable species, shangum moss, into the dark and creamy peat it is today. A substance with beneficial qualities, peat accelerates the scar-healing process, balances the PH levels of the skin, promotes the renewal of skin.
Try traditional massages like relaxing spinal column, sports massage, decontractive, anti cellulite and sciatic pain treatment. Here you try holistic treatments too: Maori, Ayurvedic Abhyangam from the ancient Indian tradition, Hawaiian, Scentao Hot Stones with “lava stones”, Shiatsu originally from Japan or Jin Shin Do an acupressure technique that combines some aspects of modern Western psychology with ancient Eastern experience.
Wellness is hotel's goal but it is important to explane that the it can be a starting point to visit famous art cities such as Lucca, Pisa, Torre del lago Puccini, the ancient villages via Francigena or visit Grotta del Vento, an underground world to be discovered. From Cinquale di Montignoso you can easy reach Cinque Terre too by car or visit Versilia by cycling through the long cycle paths between renowned seaside resorts. Hotel offers bikes and tandems.
Wellness is good food too. Simple but tasty cuisine with biological products and careful to a slow cooking that respects the right time so that the flavors are not altered. The mastery of Chef Giuseppe Fulco will delight you with a variety of regional dishes and Italian and international delights, favoring the products of a vast territory divided between sea and mountains. The restaurant is open not only for hotel guests but also to outside guests. www.termedellaversilia.com