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Bros expands abroad

Lanfranco Beleggia, Presid. Bros Manifatture

di Linda Fornara Bertona

Bros expands abroad

Bros Manifatture, the holding company of Region Marche, hallmark in jewellery design Rosato, Brosway, S'Agapò has purchased Pianegonda jewellery Vicenza company wellknown for its innovative design and for the silver artworks, a simple luxury, which takes the brand name from its original owners' name.
Another acquisition made by the President Lanfranco Beleggia who after the Italian expansion is now looking for exporting to China, Usa, on top of the target Countries. "With Pianegonda, we will start an international project: with our jewellery fashion hub diversified by clients, distribution, styles", points out Lanfranco Beleggia.
The Brand Pianegonda will stay alive?
- Pianegonda is an Italian excellence, well known worldwide. We aim to take Pianegonda on the top after the difficulties of the recent years. We hope to use the same ateliers that have worked in the past for the brand. We will select distribution  and the new leading product development for the collection which will be launched in Fall-Winter 2016.
Pianegonda is purity of design authentic minimalism luxury, which is coming back. In the nineties Pianegonda dressed up women with recognizable artworks. We do not want to loose this heritage.
Which is the turnover of the Group?
- We have closed last year at 35 milions euros and we forecast to close this year with a double digit increase. We produce over 2 milions pieces and we are present in 30 countries with 10,000 points of sales and 200 employees.
What about the distribution?
We have a network of agents and also directional sales. We own two stores Brosway in Milan and Bejing, five stores Rosato in Milan, Rome, Forte dei Marmi and Kuala Lampur.
Any project to be quoted?
- Not interested since we do not need money.
You have another heritage: 4 kids, 3 of whom already working in the company: product development, marketing, communication. How do you see the entrance of outside managers in your company?
- I believe in the outside managers because they can be tutors that can balance and find a general agreement. There are case history of private succesful companies which have welcome the managers. We do not intend and are not interested in licences, we would like to continue to work with our own brands.
A statement by entrepeneur?
- I belive on cultural and tradition values of "savoir faire" of our territory. Our country has an incredible heritage, creativity design but I must admit that the good deals starts from the heart.