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History and relax

Photo by Sara Zalindi & Convento San Bartolomeo

Sara Zalindi

History and relax

Nothing like a preserved convent can show how people lived in the ancient times. When you across the big door of Convento San Bartolomeo and walk inside this place, you can immediately think at “Once upon a time…”. And here you can discover the Italian history from the end of 13th century until now through popes, emperors, famous and common people. The building is located in Piancastagnaio (Siena) between Florence and Rome, very close to Monte Amiata, on the border between the provinces of Siena and Grosseto, in deep south of Tuscany.
Spending holidays in this wonderful setting means discover how was the life during Middle Ages, how the
day was organize, where the Franciscan friars are used pray, doing meditation, ore other activity related to the monastic life. You can discover the oldest kitchen too, how the friars kept the food and where all the other alimentary stuffs was stored. You can see where horses and donkeys, used for transport, were kept (taking care of them and available when necessary). You can visit the winery too where are placed the ancient barrels where the wine was preserved.
You can stay in the original rooms with view directly to the garden where you can find ancient trees that
give fresh and fruits in season. Other suites or spaces are inside the big structure with antique furniture
with pieces from various epochs. You can admire historical objects like documents, paintings or other
things related to the Ricci Barbini family, owner of the structure from middle of 1800. You can explore the old covered cloister overlooking the ancient well and visit the other convent magnificent rooms such as the Capitular Room with elements fron Middle Ages and Renaissance. You can admire monochrome frescoes that date back the end of the 14th century with the Stories Of the Virgin Maria and the representation of the Seven Deadly Sins. Other impressive rooms are the Saints Hall that connect the cloister to the “Belvedere” with the view on Val di Paglia. The last but not least the ancient Refectory Hall: many 15th century frescoes have surfaced near the others from the Renaissance period, during the deep restoration works. In the middle of the refectory (in lunette element) can admire a fresco of Dinner of Emmaus, painted by Pietro Maffei. On the other walls, there are frescoes painted during the Napoleonic period. What a surprise looking on the ceiling at the charming chiseled original wood-inlaid elements.
By appointment, you can take a guided tour of the entire property discovering the rest of the convent
secrets and legends. You can not just spending exclusive holidays in this wonderful convent. In this location it’s possible organize many events: typical Tuscany food or wine tasting, special parties, special celebration and memorable weddings using the different spaces available. The Convento San Bartolomeo can offer different kinds of services: wedding planner, celebration consultant, flowers decoration, catering, music entertainment, vintage car, creation of special dresses or clothing, hospitality transfer and more.
The Convento San Bartolomeo is located in Viale G. Vespa 368 in Piancastagnaio (SI)and is always open for weddings and events. The hospitality season is preferably from June to October, on request it’s possible arrange and organize outside of the standard period. Info Telefono +39 0577 787120
Email: info@conventosanbartolomeo.com www.conventosanbartolomeo.com