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Owner-friendly sails

Photo by Cantiere del Pardo - Copyright

By Massimo Morandini

Owner-friendly sails

The Grand Soleil range is enriched with a luxurious 65-foot unit: the new Grand Soleil 65. We look forward to seeing the first example, which is in an advanced state of construction, in person at the official public presentation at the Festival Nautique de Cannes in September this year. Cantiere del Pardo is thus landing in the new category of owner-operated boats alongside its longtime competitor Solaris Yachts. It is a response to Solaris' acquisition of CNB Yachts. The new Grand Soleil 65, unveiled at Boot Düsseldorf, is a perfect blend of elegance and performance. These units, which allow both small-crew or family sailing and cruise-racing with a larger crew, will thus all be produced in Italy on the Adriatic. "After the presentation of the Grand Soleil 72, the Forlì shipyard announced at Boot Düsseldorf the new Grand Soleil 65 that is offered in two versions, Performance intended for cruising-racing and Long Cruise with a raised deckhouse to accommodate the saloon that provides a 270 degrees, more oriented toward long-range cruise use," explains a statement issued by the company. Both versions are rigged with the same sail. The appendages can be chosen in three inverted-T keel variants with drafts of 3 meters (reduced) 3.50 meters and telescopic. Equipped with a self-tacking jib, it is designed to be steered with a reduced crew. For carrying gaits a reacher or code zero rigged on the standard bowsprit will be used. The interior curated by Milan-based Nauta Design Studio offers a large open space with raised dining and lounging area and central galley. The engine room positioned under the salon thus allows the GS 65 LC to be equipped with two larger aft cabins, not having to leave room for the engine. Circulation on board is ensured by a walk-around concept with no steps on deck and a more comfortable staircase due to the smaller difference in height between the cockpit and salon. Copyright www.deluxu.it