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Photo by CNB Solaris Copyright

Massimo Morandini

Deep-sea sailing ship icon

More cruiser than racer but undoubtedly a thoroughbred sailboat. The new CNB Maxi born under the direction of. Solaris looks elegant, contemporary, bright and pleasant to live in but at the same time seaworthy enough to sail to any destination.
Boats only for connoisseurs and possessing a wallet to match. Yes because the price list of the CNB 78 starts from a minimum of 3.44 million euros, mind you, figure before taxes, without sails, without carbon mast and without other indispensable gadgets. The saying that - He who inquires about the price will surely not be able to afford the "toy" - certainly applies here! Solaris builds the heir to the CNB 76 produced by Beneteau as a semi-custom, this means that the yard will be able to fulfill the owner's requests within the structural limits of the construction. Vessel that turns out to be quite rigid and capable of sailing without the slightest sign of twisting.
Those who move below deck find themselves in a cozy, muffled environment, but without losing contact with the natural element: in fact, the large window in the raised saloon offers a perfect view to the outside. The interior, designed by Parisian architect Jean-Marc Piaton, known for having signed the designs of as many as 12,000 sail and motor boats, is powerful and thanks to a light displacement (47900 kg) offers good feelings at the helm moving nimbly even in light winds. The waterline length of less than 24 m allows it to go out to scour coastal waters. I don't know what you think, I have chosen my next boat! Massimo Morandini - Copyright