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Mille Miglia cars make history

Karl Scheufele & Albert Carreras

Mille Miglia cars make history

As usual the Mille Miglia came from Brescia and there ended. It is the known fascinating race of vintage cars. With the acclamation of the public 430 classic cars from 35 different countries of the world have paraded in  traditional stages to Rome and back to Brescia via Bologna. World Sponsor is Chopard, the Geneva-based fashion house of watches and fine jewelry. Since 1988 Chopard presents a Mille Miglia model produced in limited edition reserved to participants in the famous Italian race. "The Mille Miglia models form an important factor in the range of sports watches so we will continue the sponsorship of a very nice event and celebration of history and fun, "says David Traxler, Ceo of Chopard Italy.
What about the new Mille Miglia watch?
The contemporary Mille Miglia 2014 watch is thus dominated by vintage detailing. The slender cursive dial fonts are inspired by the 1920s. The lugs holding the strap are soldered rather than screwed in. This traditional technique considerably complicates the task of producing and polishing the case of this model. Radiating an undeniably masculine aura, this limited edition of 2014 pieces in steel and 250 pieces in rose gold all feature reasonable dimensions.
What about the customers and the numbers of Chopard Italy?
We have customers from all the world because the market is global. At the head Asian customers. Chopard Italy closed 2013 with 36 million turnover. We expect to end 2014 with the same result.
After the Hotel de Vendome will you make more acquisitions to the tourism sector?
The acquisition is aimed at the Paris boutique hotel, we have no plans to other acquisitions.
New partners?
Chopard has economic independence, no banking investments and no plans to quoted list.
Chopard is the official sponsor of the International Cannes Film Festival.
Since 1997 we have produced in our laboratories the Palme d'Or, the prize awarded to competing films. On the occasion
of the 67th Cannes Film Festival we set up a photo exhibition titled Backstage at Cinecittà. There are shots that reveal the hidden features of Roman Studies during the golden era of the fifties and sixties.
What is the future for Italy?
Where there is a skilled workforce, there is always a customer comeback. 

(by Linda Fornara Bertona)